Expert dentist Dr. David Rodrick offers LaserSmile treatments:  the most advanced, in-office, accelerated laser teeth whitening procedure  available today.  Our LaserSmile laser teeth whitening procedure is an in-office treatment using dental lasers that takes roughly an hour, and the procedure provides a deep whitening of your teeth that you can’t get with traditional surface whitening products used at home.

Dr. Rodrick’s LaserSmile laser teeth whitening procedure uses a whitening gel that’s then activated by the application of laser light to the teeth. The results are IMMEDIATE, i.e. you will walk out of our office with whiter, brighter teeth.

This laser teeth whitening procedure can be used on its own, or in tandem with home bleaching. But laser teeth whitening offers immediate results, whereas home teeth bleaching takes time.

Laser teeth whitening is the ideal teeth whitening procedure if you’re on a tight deadline, and you’re getting married, photographed, interviewing for a new job, going on a special date, or you just don’t want to deal with the hassle of roaming around your house hour after hour with a set of teeth molds full of whitening gel in your mouth.

It’s Safe!  The primary ingredient in the LaserSmile whitening gel has been used in teeth whitening for more than 100 years. This proven system will give you a more noticeably whiter smile FAST.

For more information about Laser Teeth Whitening, please visit our Knowledge Center, and read The Consumer’s Guide To Laser Teeth Whitening, written by Dr. Rodrick.  Read Our Laser Teeth Whitening Consumer Guide

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